Direct flights between Tenerife and New York: Season expansion and more seats available

Direct flights between Tenerife and New York

United Airlines is launching flights from Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife) to New Jersey starting 1 June

United Airlines is launching direct flights between Tenerife and New York from 1 June this year until March 2025. The US airline is extending the flights until the end of March, providing three departures per week in both directions. The flights will connect Tenerife South Airport (Granadilla de Abona) and Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. This flight expansion will provide passengers with 23,400 seats.

Impact on the tourism industry and improved connectivity

Cabildo’s Vice President and Tourism Advisor, Lope Afonso, emphasised that this is one of the most significant air connectivity developments of the year. He said that it is the result of long negotiations and work begun in the previous term and successfully completed thanks to the efforts of Tenerife Tourism.

Afonso said that the extension of the flight term is a unique opportunity to strengthen Tenerife’s position in the American market, which is of high quality and in line with the region’s sustainable development strategy. He added that this co-operation will help reduce dependence on other key markets.

Flight schedule and characteristics

United Airlines will operate flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from the US, and on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Tenerife. During the winter period, flights will follow a modified schedule. The flight duration is approximately seven hours and the flights are tasked to a B757-200 aircraft with 176 seats: 16 bed seats in United PolarisSM Business Class and 160 seats in Economy Class, including 42 Economy PlusSM seats with extra legroom.

Growing interest in Tenerife in the US market

Tenerife’s Director of Tourism, Dimple Melvani, said the lengthening of direct flights during the winter period is an important step for the development of tourism on the island. She pointed to the increase in the number of travellers from the US and Canada, especially during the winter months, and stressed that this reinforces Tenerife’s strategy to attract high-spending target markets.

United Airlines’ opinion and the importance of the new flight

Antonio de Toro, CEO of United Airlines in Spain, expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to connect North America with the Canary Islands, especially during the winter months. He emphasised that the new flight strengthens the connection and gives passengers more travel options.

Statistics and growth in tourist traffic

Last year, 36,531 American tourists visited Tenerife, 16.8% more than the previous year. The winter months attract 62% of tourists from the US, highlighting the importance of the length of winter flights.

Co-operation and development of tourism links

Tenerife actively collaborates with leading tour operators such as Apple Leisure Group Vacations, as well as associations including Ustoa, Virtuoso, ASTA, Travel Leaders Network and Signature Travel Work. This strengthens the island’s position on the international stage and develops the business tourism and digital economy segments.

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