Canaries Against Tourism: Hunger Strike for the Future

Canaries Against Tourism: Hunger Strike for the Future

On the Spanish Canary Islands, a group of activists has initiated a hunger strike to protest against the uncontrolled development of tourism, which they believe is threatening the sustainability of the region. The protesters demand a halt to the construction of new hotels and beach resorts in the south of Tenerife and advocate for a moratorium on all new tourism development projects.

The hunger strike began near a church in La Laguna after local authorities ignored a set deadline to discuss the issue. This action is part of a broader protest movement called “The Canaries are Exhausted,” which aims to draw attention to the over-saturation of tourists, which activists claim makes life unbearable for local residents, deteriorates the environmental situation, and increases housing costs.

The protest movement is organizing a series of events across the archipelago, insisting on the need to rethink the region’s economic model. They emphasize that tourism, while an important part of the economy, should not develop at the expense of natural riches and the quality of life of the local population.

Similar sentiments are spreading to other tourist regions of Spain, such as Barcelona and Ibiza, where locals also protest against the unchecked growth of tourist numbers and associated problems, such as the housing crisis and rising rents.

Regional authorities, while highlighting the importance of tourism to the archipelago’s economy, acknowledge the need to review the current development model. This is confirmed by an upcoming demonstration, which may serve as an occasion for serious discussions about the future of the tourism industry on the Canary Islands.

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