Where to Walk in South Tenerife

Where to Walk in South Tenerife

The 5 best routes for walking

Tenerife is a delightful place for those looking for ideal conditions for oceanfront walks. The southern part of the island is rich in scenic routes where you can not only spend time with your family but also relax, enjoy magnificent views, and have unforgettable walks in the fresh air. Let’s present a detailed description of popular routes suitable for easy seaside strolls.

El Médano seafront promenade

El Médano seafront promenade - Tenerife

El Médano seafront promenade is a well-known pedestrian route whose length allows you to fully feel the coastal beauty of southern Tenerife. Running along the shoreline, this route is ideal for those who wish to walk by the ocean, enjoying the fresh sea air and views of the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, this path attracts water sports enthusiasts, including windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to its constant winds.

The route is easy and perfectly suited for family outings. Along the path, there are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can try local seafood, such as squid and paella. Moreover, tourists can refresh themselves with cool drinks and freshly squeezed juices, especially pleasant on warm sunny days. The route also offers various points for observing local flora and fauna, making each walk truly unique.

Playa Paraiso seafront promenade

Playa Paraiso seafront promenade - Tenerie

Playa Paraiso seafront promenade offers travelers unforgettable ocean views and adjacent landscapes. Here you can perfectly relax, enjoying the sea breeze and picturesque cliffs, making this route a beautiful choice for nature lovers and those who want to enjoy the tranquility away from urban bustle. The sunsets here are particularly beautiful, and many come here to capture these moments.

The walk along this route is easy and accessible for people of all ages. Along the way, there are places to rest, where you can buy ice cream or drinks. Nearby are restaurants offering exquisite dishes of Canarian cuisine, including “papas arrugadas” with mojo sauce and aromatic goat cheese. There are also bars and cafes where you can taste local wines and refreshing cocktails, enjoying a relaxing atmosphere.

Los Cristianos seafront promenade

Los Cristianos seafront promenade - Tenerife

Los Cristianos seafront promenade is one of the most popular routes for pedestrian walks in the south of Tenerife. Stretching from the old fishing village of Los Cristianos to Playa de Las Americas, this route offers wonderful views of traditional fishing boats and sandy beaches. The walk here is suitable for family relaxation and provides an opportunity to learn more about local culture and history.

The path is equipped with everything necessary for the convenience of visitors of all ages, including an abundance of cafes, restaurants, and shops. Visitors can enjoy traditional Canarian tapas, fresh seafood, and other culinary delights. Also, along the route, you can find shops with souvenirs and local products, making the walk not only pleasant but also informative.

Costa Adeje (Fañabé) seafront promenade

Costa Adeje seafront promenade - Tenerife

Costa Adeje seafront promenade runs along one of the most beautiful and well-maintained areas of Tenerife — Costa Adeje. This route is an excellent choice for those who want to stroll along the sea and enjoy views of the beaches of Fañabé and Torviscas. Passing through green areas and parks, it offers holidaymakers maximum comfort and the opportunity to feel at one with nature. In addition, cultural events and outdoor concerts are often held here, adding variety to visitors’ leisure time.

The walk here requires no special effort and is suitable for tourists of any age. Throughout the route, various restaurants and cafes are open, where you can try Canarian delicacies, such as rabbit in “salmorejo” and grilled fresh fish. Sweet tooths should visit local confectioneries, offering traditional Spanish desserts, including “turrón” and “crema catalana.”

Playa de Las Americas seafront promenade

Playa de Las Americas - seafront promenade - Tenerife

Playa de Las Americas seafront promenade is one of the most attractive places for walks by the ocean in the south of Tenerife. Running along the beach, this route offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and is the ideal place for those looking for comfortable relaxation and wishing to spend time with loved ones. The area of Playa de Las Americas is known for its entertainment venues and nightlife, making every walk here particularly exciting.

The walk along this route is easy and accessible for all ages. Along the path, there are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can try fresh fruits and seafood. In addition, there are plenty of shops and boutiques where you can not only buy souvenirs but also fashionable accessories, adding a cultural dimension to the walk with shopping.


The south of Tenerife offers many options for picturesque walks by the ocean. From family outings to peaceful relaxation by the sea, there is a route for everyone here. Easy pedestrian walks along the coast, impressive landscapes, and exquisite cuisine provide unforgettable experiences from each visit to Tenerife. All these routes offer a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural diversity, making the south of the island an ideal choice for lovers of seaside walks and quality relaxation.

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