Significant Operation in Tenerife: Arrests and Investigation for Luggage Theft

Operación significativa en Tenerife: detenciones y investigación por robos de equipaje

Introduction: The “Orotel” operation conducted by the Civil Guard has concluded with the arrest of fourteen employees at Tenerife South Airport and the investigation of twenty other individuals. The charges range from participation in criminal organizations to burglary, damage, and money laundering.

  • Start of the Investigation: The investigation was triggered by an increase in complaints and reports from passengers of various nationalities, who reported thefts of their checked luggage upon arrival at their destinations.
  • Methods of the Criminals: It has been revealed that the detainees employed specific techniques during the handling of luggage to and from the aircraft compartments. They transported the suitcases slowly and at a considerable distance from each other, which allowed them to discreetly open the luggage. They used specialized tools to open zippers and extract valuable items.
  • Action by the Civil Guard: During various searches in employee lockers, homes, and vehicles, 29 high-end watches, 120 pieces of jewelry, 22 mobile phones, and various electronic items were recovered, with a total estimated value of 1.9 million euros.
  • Collaboration with Other Agencies: The Civil Guard worked closely with the State Agency for Air Safety (AESA) and Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA), as well as with several airlines operating at Reina Sofía Airport.
Significant Operation in Tenerife: Arrests and Investigation for Luggage Theft

Conclusion: The “Orotel” operation marked a significant step in the fight against crime in airport areas. The support of entities such as AESA and the police highlights the importance of joint efforts to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings.

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